In this edition of Parees Fest we propose to spend Sunday, September 15 together…

The day will begin with the bicycle route, guided by La Biciclante, visiting some murals with the theatrical explanations of Yetooponese.

We will finish the route in the Parque de Invierno where we propose you to have a meal. We will also put some pies, Spanish omelettes, drinks and some more surprises!

Having eaten, at 5pm, we will start with the Experimentation Workshop of Muralism guided by Lainopia and the children’s playroom of Yepayé.

So if you want to spend the day with us, sign up for the activities we propose!

All activities are free

Cycling through the murals

Deriva en bici por los murales

Sunday September 15 from 12am to 2pm | Meeting point: Plaza de la Catedral de Oviedo

The activity is a guided bike route through the center of the city of Oviedo, discovering and knowing several murals, some finished and others in process, to learn from the creators their public art proposals.

During the route there will be small stops to explain each mural and among all the participants temporary and mobile artistic actions will be created.

 The places and waiting list of the activity have already been covered.

Organized by:

La biciclante

The Biciclante is an association that promotes the use of the bicycle as a vehicle, sustainable mobility and road safety education, being aware that the starting point for the increase of bicycle users is the training in safe driving habits of the bike and educational leisure.

Ye too ponese

We are a very diverse group that, inspired by the idea of the “unpublished viable” of Paulo Freire believes that it is possible to work towards the construction of a collective positive vision, doing small things that make us happy.

Experimental workshop with muralism

Taller graffiti familias

Sunday September 15 at 5pm | Skate park del Parque de Invierno

We thought about an experimentation workshop with muralism based on one of the artists participating in this edition: Mina Hamada. We looked at her aesthetics and the component of chance she uses to work with in order to experiment from the idea of collaborative creation.

We will offer different materials and through a serie of active dynamics, we will paint a collective mural.

 The places and waiting list of the activity have already been covered.

Organized by:


Lainopia offers creative artistic sessions for children, adolescents, adults, and also for families. These sessions have a pedagogical approach based on active, conscious process of engagement and are created from contemporary works of art. In them, the participants are involved from the beginning in the creative thinking behind the artwork.

Toy library with natural and recycled materials

Sunday September 15 at 5pm | Skate park Parque de Invierno

Yepayé is a space in which the children, accompanied by their reference figures, will find unstructured materials that do not have a specific purpose and thus allow free play in which the creativity and experimentation skills of children have a place. This contributes to the development of autonomy and self-esteem.

We focus the activity to experiment with pigments and natural paints based on plants, spices …

Activity parallel to the experimentation workshop with graffiti to cover the age range from 0 to 99 years.

 The places and waiting list of the activity have already been covered.



Yepayé is a traveling toy library with natural and recycled materials specially designed for children to practice Free Play.

Parees 2019 Photography Competition

Would you feel like taking pics of what will be happening at Parees?

We offer to you a photography contest where you could win a tshirt, a tote bag and the Parees 2018 catalogue. Three best shots will be awarded.

In order to take part in the competition, you just have to send us your shots through the form that you will find bellow or tagging your pics with the hashtag #ConcursoFotoPareesFest2019 in Facebook or Instagram

Best 3 pics will be selected by our photography team, mirahaciaatras & feralcala