Luogo Comune

Luogo Comune is an Italian illustrator and mural artist, currently based in Bologna.
Since 2017 he works as a freelancer, collaborating with several clients. Regarding his art practice, his works span across both indoor and outdoor spaces, using a wide variety of mediums. His illustrations appear in magazines, children’s books and in collaborations with art collectives. Besides his editorial work, his murals can be seen in Italy, Poland, Austria, England, Spain, Greece and Morocco. Initiating from a practice that was rooted in graffiti and being an active muralist for several years, a big interest of his is challenging the aspects of public urban space through big wall paintings with a focus on site-specific artworks. His visual language is based on work full of symbolism that combine elements of nature, local tradition’s objects and stories. He uses mostly flat colors palette and graphic approach as key-points to discuss the human condition and reflect to the current social situations.


Would you like to be part of the participatory process in creating a PareesFest mural?

Be part of the participatory process of the mural dedicated to the city of Oviedo, inspiring the artist and showing him the peculiarities of this city.

You just have to send an email to ten.tsefsederapnull@sesecorp sharing what you think makes the city of Oviedo special.

Tell us about its magical corners, tell us about its architecture, its popular characters, historical events, its gastronomy, its popular festivals, its
legends or myths …

All the collected material will serve to inspire the artist in the creation of the mural.

What do you think makes the city of Oviedo special?

* Each person can send a single proposal accompanied by a representative photo of the topic.