Roc BlackBlock

Roc studied Graphic Design at Escola Elisava in Barcelona and Illustration at Escola d’Art Serra i Abella in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. He started his career drawing and tattooing in the late nineties. He began writing graffiti in this graphical atmosphere around 1999. As an active member collaborating with social movements, he used graffiti art as a com tool for the community, keeping the social side of his art ’til today. Roc gives his creativity and his graphic language away to the people in order to transform the walls in loudspeakers for neighbors, associations and social movements. His artwork is a meeting point between urban art and social commitment.

Roc will be painting from September 6 to 10 on the centenary of Trubia’s Casino in Trubia.

Some works

Pictures 1 and 2 of Pedro Seixo Rodrigues

Picture 9 of Fer Alcalá