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Selección de los murales del Parees

Facturación Parees

Personas físicas (profesionales), asociaciones o comunidades de bienes

Documentación a presentar:

  1. Certificado de titularidad bancaria

    Se consigue en el banco

  2. Si tu IRPF está reducido al 7% también hay que presentar el documento:

    Comunicacion tipo reducido IRPF 7%

  3. Factura

    Las facturas se envían a: ten.tsefsederapnull@aloh

    En la columna de la derecha puedes descargar plantillas de facturas.

    Las facturas van dirigidas a:

    Fundación Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Oviedo
    19 de Julio, s/n (Teatro Campoamor) – 33002 Oviedo (Asturias)
    CIF Q3300365H

    Deben incluir siempre los siguientes códigos:

    Oficina Contable Dirección de Contabilidad:
    LA 0001226
    Órgano gestor Fundación Municipal de Cultura:
    LA 0001278
    Unidad Tramitadora Fundación Municipal de Cultura:
    LA 0001278

    El concepto de la factura siempre debe incluir el nombre del festival y el año: Parees 20XX

Facturas electrónicas

¿Quién está obligado?

La Ley 25/2013, de 27 de diciembre, de impulso de la factura electrónica y creación del registro contable de facturas en el Sector Público, establece la obligatoriedad de uso de la factura electrónica por parte de todos los proveedores de las Administraciones públicas.
La obligatoriedad se extiende a los entes indicados en el artículo 4º de la citada ley:

a) Sociedades anónimas;
b) Sociedades de responsabilidad limitada;
c) Personas jurídicas y entidades sin personalidad jurídica que carezcan de nacionalidad española;
d) Establecimientos permanentes y sucursales de entidades no residentes en territorio español en los términos que establece la normativa tributaria;
e) Uniones temporales de empresas;
f) Agrupación de interés económico, Agrupación de interés económico europea, Fondo de Pensiones, Fondo de capital riesgo, Fondo de inversiones, Fondo de utilización de activos, Fondo de regularización del mercado hipotecario, Fondo de titulización hipotecaria o Fondo de garantía de inversiones.

¿Quién no está obligado?

No estarán obligados a la presentación de sus facturas en formato electrónico, las personas físicas (profesionales), asociaciones o comunidades de bienes.

¿Qué formato ha de tener la factura electrónica?

Las facturas electrónicas solo pueden ser emitidas en formato facturae, de acuerdo con la ley 25/2013, y sus disposiciones de desarrollo. Para más información consultar el siguiente enlace

¿Dónde se presentan las facturas electrónicas?

Las facturas electrónicas solo podrán presentarse a través del punto general de entrada de facturas electrónicas de la administración que corresponda. En el caso del Ayuntamiento de Oviedo, en virtud de acuerdo de adhesión, el punto general será el de la Administración del Estado (FACe), cuyo enlace es este.
En esta página se ofrece información de los pasos a seguir para presentar las facturas electrónicas a través del punto general de entrada.

Órganos administrativos implicados en la tramitación de la factura

Oficina Contable Dirección de Contabilidad:
LA 0001226
Órgano gestor Fundación Municipal de Cultura:
LA 0001278
Unidad Tramitadora Fundación Municipal de Cultura:
LA 0001278

The Parees Festival grows bigger and it keeps showing its will to promote participation in a more international edition

  • The Oviedo Mural intervention festival extends its proposal in this second edition, which will be held all throughout September bringing together artists of national and international renown.
  • The program includes seven medium and large format interventions by Twee Muizen, who will renew the partition wall on the writer Leopoldo Alas Clarín; while Colectivo Licuado, Alfalfa, Andrea Ravo, Hedof, Kruella d’Enfer and Xav, will be in charge of making a piece in Tudela Veguín dedicated to the late Tino Casal.
  • With the intent of bringing urban art closer to all audiences, the festival also organizes free activities, such as bike routes and graffiti and mural art workshops aimed at children and people over 65 years of age.
  • The Parees Festival combines a global spirit with a local vocation, linking its activities to the territory through participatory processes in which citizens intervene in the transformation of their environment.

After last year’s success, The Parees Festival grows bigger and it will hold its second edition in September. The Oviedo Mural intervention festival, organized by the Municipal Culture Foundation, is a cultural and social event that aims to promote dialogue and, intervene and improve the environment through urban art. The city will expand its public heritage with new interventions in partition walls and walls in a program that also includes free and participatory activities, such as bike routes and graffiti workshops for different audiences.

Mural interventions

The walls narrate the history of cities and build the symbolic identity of their inhabitants, therefore, artistic interventions mean both an opportunity to enhance social bonds in the public space as well as improving the environment. The 2018 Parees Festival will gather outstanding national and international artists in Oviedo in order to create different pieces that will be added to the works made during the festival’s first edition (Catalog 2017), thus expanding the urban art heritage of the city.

One of the outstanding creations is that of Twee Muizen, a pair of artists that won the Leopoldo Alas Clarín Competition that the Parees Festival promoted to renew the mural dedicated to this writer located on a 16 x 5 meter wall in Santa Clara Street in Oviedo. The piece ‘Clarín’ was made three decades ago by Florentino Flórez and this initiative is inscribed in the will of the festival to recover and value the 80’s mural movement.

The 2018 Parees Festival will start on September 1st with the intervention of the Uruguayan Colectivo Licuado, who will make a large-format piece in its characteristic figurative style inspired by the cultures, traditions and stories they have known throughout their travels. The Italian artist, Andrea Ravo, will develop in Oviedo one of his impressive pieces, which usually inspired by the paintings of the masters of the history of art and become large outdoor canvases.

During the Parees festival, we will also see the universe of Alfalfa, artistic name of the Venezuelan Nicolás Sánchez who, in his works, explores fantasy as a refuge and rescues mythology and local legends. The fantastic beings, in this case magical and mysterious animals, are also the protagonists of the pieces by the Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella d’Enfer.

The vibrant mix of strong shapes, strange characters and striking colors that characterize the work of Hedof, are also part of this year’s program. In addition, The Parees Festival will be present in Tudela Veguín thanks to Xav, Asturian tattoo artist who will pay homage to one of the illustrious sons of the city, the late singer, Tino Casal.


The Parees Festival will come to an end on the last weekend of September, offering activities for all audiences. On Saturday 29th, a group of people over 65 will make a joint mural. It will be the result of a one week workshop focused on exploring the past, an initiative that aims to make the voice of this collective visible in the public space while, at the same time, bringing muralism closer to it as a creative and communication tool.

On Sunday, September 30th, there will be another experimental graffiti workshop for children and it will be held by Lainopia Educación Artística. And designed for a family audience, for the second time, The Parees Festival organizes the ‘drift through the murals’, a bicycle route to see up close some of the interventions made during the first and second editions of the festival.

A commitment on participation

The Oviedo Mural intervention festival is clearly committed to promote a participatory approach, with the aim of positively influencing the coexistence in the public space and invigorating the social and cultural life of the territory. The artists are accompanied by the local mediators Raposu Roxu (Laura Lara and Olga Roces) who facilitate meetings with people and significant entities of the municipality from which they will draw their sketches.

This approach of working collectively on the ground enables the artists to be agents of change, allowing them to develop their works while staying connected to the social reality that surrounds them, stimulating dialogue about public space and building bridges of connection between the community. This is a formula that was already successfully put into practice in the festival’s first edition, in which Agostino Iacurci, Anna Taratiel and Bitxo made three murals based on participatory processes.

About the director

The Oviedo mural intervention festival is directed by Eduard Crespo Ferran, member of the national urban art scene and resident in Asturias for years. In 2007 he formed the association Difusor, a pioneer in the management of legal walls and organizer of the Open Walls Conference festivals (Barcelona). The entity has been one of the most relevant actors in the paradigm shift of the perception and administration of artistic interventions in public spaces and is currently developing multiple artistic and cultural projects, both local and international, in various fields, such as artistic management of public space, education, training and consulting.

First edition 2017

You can download the catalogue of the first edition of Parees in PDF. It has photos of a selection the interventions made, information about the artists, the creation processes of the works and a route proposal between them.

Catalogue for Parees 2017 (PDF 8,63Mb)

Artists in Parees 2017

Video summary of Parees 2017

Map of the interventions carried out in Parees 2017

Activities in Parees 2017

Talk: Women’s Signatures

09/14/2017 | Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias (C / Santa Ana, 1, Oviedo)

Communicating and visualizing the presence of graffiti writers allows us to delve into themes of inclusive urbanism, into the uses and readings of spaces from a gender perspective.

It means working to break stereotypes traditionally associated with the phenomenon of graffiti that are reinforced across the range of mainstream media and that help to build a biased image in the public mind.

We also talk about the cultural and social background of graffiti, and address current national and international proposals that advocate greater visibility for female writers, driven by the movement itself.

Video of the talk Women’s Signatures

Ponente: Nerea González Calvo

Nerea González Calvo

Degree in Sociology and Master in Social Intervention. Specialized in Cultural Criticism and Communication.

Nerea has carried out research with a sociological approach into the phenomenon of Graffiti since 2008. Most recently, her work has focused on the gender perspective.

Roundtable: Art, City and Gender

09/14/2017 | Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias (C / Santa Ana, 1, Oviedo)

Urban Art has as its framework of action the public realm. However, this is space that is not neutral, that is politicised and full of cultural connotations. Gender influences how we build, inhabit and create in the city. For this reason, we propose to create a space to debate and reflect on concepts such as public space, gender, political territory, urban guerrillas, graffiti …

Participants: Nerea González Calvo, María Rodríguez Suárez and Nanús González Lastra


Cycling through the murals

Actividades, ruta en bicicleta

09/15/2017 | Meeting point: Plaza de la Catedral de Oviedo
A theatrical and interactive itinerary by bicycle to see some of the interventions completed during the festival.

Organized by: Ye too ponese

Experimental workshop with graffiti

Actividades, taller experimentar con el graffiti
09/15/2017 | Skate park of the Winter Park
The activity had two parts, in the first one didactic materials were used next to the installation, with which the participants literally entered fully into the activity. In the second part, a mural intervention was carried out through a specific dynamic process.
Organized by: Lainopia

Leopoldo Alas Clarín Competition

The walls narrate the history of their cities and build the symbolic identity of their inhabitants. Hence the importance of restoring pieces made in Oviedo during the muralist movement of the 1980s.

The City Council of Oviedo, through the Municipal Culture Foundation, proposed the realisation of a new mural to replace the one made by Florentino Flórez, since it was in a bad state of deterioration. Florentino Flórez himself advocated a new intervention rather than restoration.

Therefore, a competition was held to develop a new mural on the theme Leopoldo Alas Clarín. In the contest 70 candidacies of 21 different nationalities took part. A jury awarded the commision to Twee Muizen, and the new mural is going to be painted in 2018.

Open comissions

3 walls were made available in an open call for proposals:

Photos of Fernando Alcalá

Photos of Mirahaciatras