Parees, mural intervention festival of Oviedo, will be developed in different parts of the city,
from September 1 to 30, 2018.

On the map you can find the interventions of the first edition of the Parees (green dots) and those of the 2018 edition (yellow icons).

2018 Parees Program

You can download the program with the list of all the interventions and activities of the 2018 edition of the Parees:

Download PDF program


From September 1 to 7 Colectivo Licuado Mural
Artist: Colectivo Licuado
Place: Amparo Pedregal 11 (Pumarín)
From September 6 to 10 Mural about centenary of the Trubia Casino
Artist: Roc Blackblock
Place: Caserio la Riera nº 215, Trubia
From September 8 to 13 Mural about Leopoldo Alas Clarín
Artists: Twee Muizen
Place: Santa Clara, 1
From September 24 to 30 Mural about Tino Casal in Tudela Veguín
Artist: Xav
Place: Street Paulino García Nº 105, Tudela Veguín
From September 24 to 30 Andrea Ravo Mattoni Mural
Artist: Andrea Ravo Mattoni
Place: Fuertes Acevedo, 110
From September 26 to 30 Alfalfa
Place: Ronda Sur / Calle Carlos Asensio Bretones
From September 27 to 30 Taquen
Place: Calle Darío Regoyos 25
From September 29 to 30 Kruella d’Enfer
Place: Ronda Sur / Calle Carlos Asensio Bretones

Tours and workshops

September 29

17:00h Collective Mural Workshop for people over 65 years of age
Place: to be confirmed
Organize: Raposu Roxu

September 30

12:00h Cycling through the murals Previous registration in Activities
Lugar: Meeting point in the Cathedral Square

17:00h Experimentation workshop with graffiti Previous registration in Activities
Place: Parque de invierno Skate Park
Organize: Lainopia

Toy library with natural and recycled materials focused on the world of color
Place: Skate Park Parque de invierno
Organize: Yepayé

Post festival

6 de Octubre Intervention in the White Night of Oviedo
Artist: Bastián Prendes
Place: Calle Alfonso III el Magno / General Elorza