Parees, mural intervention festival of Oviedo, will be developed in different parts of the city,
from September 7 to 13, 2020.

On the map you can find the interventions of the first edition of the Parees (red icons), those of the 2018 edition (orange icons), those of the 2019 edition (blue icons) and those of the 2020 edition (green icons).


From September 7 to 13Manolo Mesa Mural
Artist: Manolo Mesa
Place: Martínez Vigil, 9, Oviedo
From September 7 to 13Lidia Cao Mural
Artist: Lidia Cao
Place: Tenderina Alta 51, Oviedo
From September 7 to 13Harsa Pati Mural
Artists: Harsa Pati
Place: C.P. Germán Fernández Ramos. C/Manuel Fernández Avello, 12. Oviedo
From September 8 to 13Manu García Mural
Artist: Manu García
Place: C/ Melequiades Cabal, 4, Oviedo