Second edition 2018


You can download the catalogue of the second edition of Parees in PDF. With photos of all the interventions made, information about the artists, the creation processes of the works and a route proposal between them. Catalogue for Parees 2018 (PDF 4Mb)


Artists in Parees 2018

Video summary of Parees 2018
Mini documentary of 25 minutes about all the interventions in 2018.

Map of the interventions carried out in Parees 2018

Experimental workshop with graffiti

Workshop for families given by Lainopia.

Is a garden the same as a forest?

With different materials and instruments, a mural was created with the plants that each person previously designed through their silhouette.

Movement and chance when creating the form were the key axes in the creation proposal.

Muralism for people over 65

Workshop given by Raposu Roxu.

If the walls tell stories … why do not our grandmothers also write them?

This workshop aimed to explore the collective memory of the hands of our elders, to transform older people into active agents in the processes of historical memory, to make their voice visible within the public space and to approach muralism as a creative communication tool.

Through the act of listening to and recounting emotions and events that have been experienced, we can reconstruct and revalue these realities, creating symbols and images that, in turn, create identity, since the stories relate the past and the present and reconcile them.

Toy library with natural and recycled materials

Yepayé is a space in which the children, accompanied by their reference figures, will find unstructured materials that do not have a specific purpose and thus allow a free play in which the creativity and experimentation skills of the children have a place. This contributes to the development of autonomy and self-esteem.

We focus the activity to experiment with pigments and natural paints based on plants, spices …

Activity parallel to the experimentation workshop with graffiti to cover the age range of 0 to 99 years.

Bike route through the murals