Andrea Ravo Mattoni

Andrea Ravo Mattoni was born in Varese in 1981 into a family with strong ties to the world of art. His father, Carlo Mattoni, was a conceptual and behavioral artist, an illustrator and a graphic artist; his uncle Alberto, known as Matal, was the illustrator and creator of the character of Lillibeth; his grandfather Giovanni Italo, painter, was the illustrator of Liebig and Lavazza trading cards.

He started spray-painting in 1995; founded Crew HBM together with Vine; and subsequently started to work with Seacreative, Refreshink, Borse and Kraser.

In 2003 he founded, in Milan, the BAG factory, a group of artists with headquarters at Bovisa. At the same time, he attended a painting course at the Brera Beaux Arts Academy. In 2008 he defected from the factory and worked as an assistant of the editor Manuela Gandini in the Artandgallery gallery.