She draws all those things that inhabit the spaces where the worlds touch. Her creations reflect on concepts such as identity, the animal and the idea of ​​the monstrous; the representation of disturbing and bizarre beasts that inhabit new imaginaries.

Her practice revolves around painting, illustration, graphic design and urban intervention. She understands creativity not only as an end but as a tool, and has collaborated with different associations and entities in projects within the social sphere.

She was born in Asturias and trained in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo, spending her final year on a scholarship program in Brazil. Today she has retreated into the rural environment, from where she paints, grows and cultivates the garden.


Her proposal for a mural for Parees

The project that is born out of a participative process with the neighborhoods of Naranco City, with thanks to Marisa, Activa Naranco City and all the inhabitants of the park. The mural is an interactive piece open to adults and children with blackboard areas where we can create, experiment, stain, erase … A proposal that invites us to appropriate ourselves the walls of our city.

Photos of Fernando Alcalá

Photos of Mirahaciatras