Alba Fabre Sacristan

Catalan, art teacher in Barcelona, ​​painter and muralist, she makes works of classical inspiration.

Her work is interested in the analysis of the language and concepts of classical art, reproduced in paintings that are usually figurative, where force and color are generally the center of attention.

The festival really wanted to dedicate a mural to the Sidros and the Winter Masquerades, an Asturian tradition that was on the verge of disappearing. For this we chose the Catalan artist, for her ability to masterfully capture scenes charged with a subtle oneirism.

We invited Alba to spend a day with the Association for the Recovery of Sidros and Comedies El Cencerru, from Valdesoto, who unconditionally offered to show her their art and tradition in a summer mini-masquerade, so that the muralist could see them in action between jumps, cowbells and guiyaes, wearing their characteristic hoods made of sheepskin and red cloth, and culminating in a fox tail.

Through the photographs she took, she was able to sketch the design of the mural that already shines in the Asturian capital.


Proceso participativo con los Sidros de Valdesoto

Desarrollo del mural