Luogo Comune

Luogo Comune is an Italian illustrator and muralist, currently based in Bologna.

With his roots in graffiti culture, he has evolved towards muralism to question aspects of public space, through large mural paintings that put the focus on the place in which they are inserted. His visual language is based on works full of symbolism that combine elements of nature, objects and traditional stories.

Luogo was selected as an artist to develop an innovative participatory process. Involving the Citizen Participation Area of ​​the Oviedo City Council, he asked the citizens what they believed made Oviedo special. Through the answers, a dossier was made so that Luogo could develop a design based on the data that seemed most significant to him.

Thus, the mural reflects, amongst other things, the proximity of nature, the pre-Romanesque, the Naranco, and the fire that devastated Oviedo in 1521.