Mina Hamada

Mina Hamada (Louisiana-United States) is a plastic artist of Japanese origin living in Spain since the end of 2009. Her work focuses on painting, installation and murals; In recent years she has captured her mural work in several cities around the world such as Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia. With a style in which color, rhythm and improvisation are the main characteristics, Mina transmits her good vibrations through its free and organic forms.

Mina Hamada, born in Louisiana, USA she grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied Design and Illustration at Sokei Academy of Fine Art Design.

‪In Japan she had her first exhibitions, presenting her illustrations and handmade story books, which combine her own drawings and short poems.

‪At the end of 2009 she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she studied typography and Hispanic studies. Mina Hamada fell in love with the murals and the urban art scene of the city. She began experimenting with large-scale murals. At the end of 2011 she met Zosen, they began collaborating on joint murals, installations, screen printing and participating in numerous Mural Festivals and exhibitions since 2012. Mina’s work and collective murals with Zosen were exhibited in galleries and institutions in Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mina_hamada/

Participatory process for Mina Hamada mural

The Mina Hamada mural has had a contextualized participatory process.

We asked 4 and 5 year old children from public schools Poeta Ángel González and Carmen Ruiz Tilve from the neighborhood of La Corredoría to make drawings of animals and / or plants to serve as inspiration for the execution of Mina’s mural.

Photos of Fer Alcalá