Parees, Contextual Mural Festival of Oviedo, will be developed in different parts of the city,
from October 10 to 16, 2022.


From October 10 to 16Taxis Mural
Artist: Taxis
Place: Emilio Alarcos Llorach, 5
From October 10 to 19Samir Toumi
Artist: Samir Toumi
Place: Plaza Manolo Díaz / Otero 4
From October 10 to 16Mariana Duarte Santos Mural
Artists: Mariana Duarte Santos
Place: Azcárrega 26
From October 15 to 16Nieve Sita Mural
Artist: Nieve Sita
Place: San Melchor García Sampedro, 42

On the map you can find the interventions of the first edition of the Parees (red icons), those of the 2018 edition (orange icons), those of the 2019 edition (blue icons), those of the 2020 edition (green icons), those of the 2021 edition (green megenta) and those of the 2022 edition (yellow icons).