El festival

Parees, the contextual mural festival of Oviedo, is a cultural, social, and artistic event bringing artists and citizens together to offer the city a new look through its walls. Oviedo will be full of color!

Why wall interventions in Parees?

Walls have always told us stories because there is an innate need in people to express themselves on and through the walls that surround them. That is why we want to give prominence to artists´ interventions on the walls of the city. We speak of muralism because this concept encompasses all the techniques, styles and artistic expressions that walls can support, always containing a social commitment.

Participatory processes

We attach great importance to linking the interventions with the reality that surrounds them. We have a team of artistic mediators (Raposu Roxu) to immerse the artists in that reality through participatory processes with key agents, associations and neighborhood communities to develop consensus and a common vision between artists, neighbours and citizens in general. In this way, it becomes possible to realise artistic work integrated into the social needs of its environment.

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Contextualized Murals

We call contextualized murals those that are born from a process of investigation of the territory, society and culture that the mural houses.

The contextual mural is born from a remote process, personalized dossiers are prepared for each artist where information is collected on the proposed theme or virtual meetings are organized with key agents.

With contextualized murals we make sure to create interventions linked to the territory and social imaginary that surrounds it. In this way, through the visit of the interventions carried out in the Parees, you can get an idea of ​​where you are, details of the culture, arts, society, traditions …

Quality versus quantity

The project is entirely subsidized by the Municipal Culture Foundation of the City of Oviedo. For us this represents a commitment to society. For this reason, we offer artists, producers, collaborators and coordinators decent fees, maintenance, accident insurance, and friendly and respectful treatment.

For all interventions the walls that will house the artistic works are checked and prepared properly to ensure maximum durability. If necessary, walls are cleaned with water under pressure and cracks repaired, prior to the application of appropriate primers.

Sustainable mobility

In each edition of Parees, we offer a bicycle tour through the murals made. In this way we promote responsible mobility practices to support a new sustainable city model.