Equipo Parees

Edu Crespo

General coordinator / Commissioner
Multidisciplinary creator, cultural agitator, graphic designer. Co-founder of Difusor, one of the relevant actors in the change of paradigm in the perception and administration of artistic interventions in public spaces. Currently he develops multiple artistic and cultural projects, applying his knowledge and experience in a transversal way and in diverse areas such as artistic management of public space, training and consulting.

Laura Lara

General Coordinator / Artistic mediation
Degree in fine arts. I discovered that Art could be transformed into a tool of social transformation. And how important was creativity beyond the Artistic world. Since then I have approached other areas, the social and the pedagogical. And I have explored the use of non-directive methodologies, non-formal education and the use of creative languages in collective practices.

Cristian Diamante aka Deru

Assistant general coordinator / production
He starts painting graffiti in 1998 in A Coruña. He studies Fine Arts in Pontevedra, London and Barcelona, where he currently resides. In his creative career, he explores different ways of representing, approaching other disciplines such as photography, installation, performance and art direction in audiovisual productions. His interest in artistic practice in the public space led him to organize events promoting and claiming urban art, the first along with Alejandro Castro, Graff Time 2006 in Carballo (A Coruña). In this line of action, collaborates with Difusor in multiple projects, among which we can highlight the network of Openwalls walls, the Openwalls Conference (Barcelona) and Parees Fest (Oviedo).

Joan Cabrer

Plastic artist who works mainly painting. The main work is developed in the workshop on canvas, although it is occasionally extended to the exterior in the form of murals in which he synthesizes his pictorial world. He works in the field of abstraction and his work revolves around the metapintura. He’s looking for technological references from digital culture and the screen to take them to the canvas, where appear suggestive compositions narrating a diverse reality where aspects of the microcosm and others coming from the circuits of the machine coexist.

María Peña (Mapecoo)

Production Multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts, studies that I completed between Madrid, São Paulo and London. I was always interested in the capacity of art as a tool for social action, a line of work that I began to explore with community art projects in Madrid, with residents of Cañada Real and in Sao Paulo. Later I continued my training with a master’s degree in international cooperation that motivated me to continue traveling and exploring the potential of artistic creation to create a positive impact on society. I currently live between Paris, Copenhagen and Asturias and combine my studio work with murals and participatory artistic processes.

David Remartinez

Local and national press
Journalist, born in 1971. He has worked in regional newspapers of Vocento as editor and responsible for web pages. Also in radio, television and several magazines. And he has written two books: “El Gabinismo recounted to our children” and “La Puta Gastronomía”.

Audrey García

Social networks / International press
She studied History of Art, Philology and Communication and is specialized in cultural communication, mainly for urban art projects. ‘Life without art is not worth it. I have it clear since childhood. I was lucky to visit as a child all the most important museums in Europe as a child, and now I enjoy the legacy we have in the streets. See you at Parees Fest!

Fernando Alcalá

Photography / Social networks / International press
Self-taught photographer. I put the focus on the detail of the creative process and on the interaction with the artist. I respect art, beauty and talent and try to transmit it in my photos. I have worked with many artists and various projects, achieving some diffusion in general and specialized media from different parts of the world.

Aida aka mirahaciaatras

I consider photography, documentation and dissemination of urban art and graffiti an important pillar in the history of current art and for that reason I have been documenting works of art for years in the street both in my travels in Europe and in my daily life in Asturias. . You can find a real work of art walking among rubble in an abandoned building, looking back on your usual walk around the neighborhood, discovering a new destination on the next trip or even walking up the mountain. I think there is a lot of art out there to discover and my passion is to admire it and share it with others. You just have to know how to look 🙂

Titi Muñoz

Veteran director and editor. Multi award-winning. Leader of Posession, one of the most prestigious underground metal bands in this country. Urban explorer, tireless worker, filmer of exquisite taste. In charge of giving life in video format to the interventions of Parees Fest.

Aida Martínez

Conservation and restoration
In my journey I have always had one foot in the sciences and another in the arts. I found in the Conservation and Restoration studies the place where both fields complement each other and offer an adequate knowledge of the cultural assets for their intervention. Considering the artistic creation a treasure of humanity, I am excited to be part of a line of action that fosters the creative impulse in people while working for the understanding and safeguarding of past creations.

Diego Alonso

Technical architect
Practicing as a freelance, collaborating with different architecture studios, construction companies and public entities, among others. From my beginning, my objective was to focus on the activity of the construction management and the development of execution projects, trying to combine values of honesty and rigor with those of functionality and economy in all phases of construction. Always being present the importance of safety, quality and monitoring in each and every one of its stages.

Miquel Melendres

Lawyer Expert in current legislation on intellectual property and law of new technologies that affect contractual and commercial relationships. It offers resources and tools to the intellectual creator in order to protect their work and strengthen their professional career. Among other initiatives, it convenes and celebrates events aimed at disseminating art for all types of audiences.

Eider Goñi 

Mediación /  Promotora de Igualdad de Género
Mediation / Promoter of Gender Equality
I began to participate in feminist groups that allowed me to name the inequalities and violence we suffer for being women. This feminist awareness has accompanied me ever since and a few years ago I decided to make it my livelihood, which is why I am now a Promoter of Gender Equality.