Ovni vs Taratiel

Her work evokes internal landscapes and raises metaphorical reflections on the environment, expressed through geometric abstraction, provoking emotions and pulsing the viewer’s perception through the intense relationship -compositive, conceptual, technical- that she maintains with space and color. Mental cartographies that take on material life to deal, from the visual misunderstanding, with the ideas of structure, pattern and variation, or with the boundary between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.

Website: taratiel.com/web/
Instagram: instagram.com/annaovni/

Process of the intervention

At the request of the neighbors, the mural, situated on the facade of the block of apartments on Calle Lorenzo Abruñedo, evokes the Hidrocantábrico Power Plant in Ciudad Naranco which was demolished at the beginning of this century in spite of neighbours’ opposition. 2017 was the centenary of the construction of that power station which supplied electricity to the city, and the community of owners of nº 24 of Lorenzo Abruñedo thought to commemorate that milestone. A participatory process was developed between the neighbours and the artist guided by the artistic mediators of Raposu Roxu.

Phase 1: Meeting with the neighbours of the block

Presentation of the artist Anna Taratiel confirming that she was to complete the mural on the facade based on her style and trajectory.

Phase 2: Meeting between neighbours and artist

Presentation via skype of the history of the building and the missing power station so that the artist could develop the sketch according to the needs of the local community.

Phase 3: Presentation of the sketch

The artist presented the sketch to the community of neighbours for approval.

Phase 4: Painting the mural

After the realization of the sketch the artist created her piece on the facade.

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Anna Taratiel (Ovni)